These two lovebirds tied the knot in a gorgeous little hideaway right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.

Official Music Video for Countless Thousands epic single "Gang Fight". It's rad. Shot, edited & directed by yours truly.

The Wedding of Mike & Becky, set to what one of them considers to be the most romantic song ever written. Special thanks to Ryan Rozar Media.

Ellen (yes, THAT Ellen) gave Zac & Jon of Intro 2 Skateboarding $1000 in JC Penney's giftcards. This is what they did with it.

My favorite episode of the Glass Slipper Confessionals, an NSFW peek into the unhappily ever after of a burned-out Cinderella.

Skate Out video I designed for the LA Derby Dolls team The Punky Bruisers. This was a lot of fun to make, Derby Girls are awesome.

On the First episode of In the Know!...;? with Danger, our impeccably dressed host guides us through the nitty gritty of surviving a flirtatious encounter with Countless Thousands' resident sex symbol Davey Munch. We meet an unfortunate robot, wrestle with semantics and eat our damn peas.

Countless Thousands again bringing the weirdness - this is a love song about a former girlfriend of Kim Jong Un who may or may not have been executed by the government. 

An early video of mine, but still one of my all-time favorites. I learned German for this.