Me and my favorite bride to date. Please revel in that meticulously decided-upon wordplay.

Hi! I'm Mike. 

Cheapest wedding I've ever shot - $650 for 3 hours.
Priciest wedding I've ever shot - $3,600 for 11 hrs, two photographers and a videographer. What do you need? What's your budget? We can figure something cool out. 

I have been a professional photographer since 2009. I've worked with brides, grooms, musicians, fighters, politicians, a guy that wanted a documentary to be made about him, artists, athletes and kids of all ages.

I've done weddings, birthdays, weddings, headshots, galas, sporting events (MMA is my favorite), a bunch of weddings,  premieres, holiday parties, and the occasional traditional marriage ceremony.

Raised in Orange County and based these days out of Los Angeles (well, Glendale specifically), I'd be delighted to talk to you about getting some great images and having fun doing it. 

And hey, thanks for reading this! The code word is, "Gorgonzola Salad". Mention that when we talk and something good might just happen.
(818) 396 - 6566


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